Correct maintenance knowledge of plastic moulds
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Correct maintenance knowledge of plastic moulds

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Some plastic mold service life is closely related with the right care, in reality because of improper maintenance caused by mold scrapped examples too much, the following is a summary of several plastic mold the most basic right maintenance knowledge, for customers to pay the plastic pilots tune to develop basic maintenance practices, so as to prolong the service life of the mold:

1. Maintenance of the mould before production

A, oil stains on the surface of the mold, rust cleaning to check whether the cooling water holes in the casting mold have foreign objects, and whether there is no water path.

Arc B, need to check whether the damage of mould rubber sleeve, whether there is residual foreign body. The moving parts is abnormal, the action is smooth.

Two. Maintenance of mould in production

1, check all the guide pillars of the mold every day, whether the guide sleeve is damaged, including the mould guide pillar, line position and other parts, regularly add and maintain them, and work and work two times a day.

2, clean the mold parting surface and vent foreign body adhesive filament, foreign body, oil etc. and check whether the abnormal mould thimble and regular Dayou. The parting surface of the cleaning passage two times a day. Guide the tip, bushing, position to determine the tip of the oil once a day.

3. Check the water path of the mould regularly or not, and fasten all the fastening screws.

4. Check whether the limit switch of the mold is abnormal, the slant pin. Whether the skew top is abnormal.

Three. Maintenance of the stop die

1, before shutting down, we must first turn off the cooling water, blow the remaining water of the water in the mold, check whether there is any residual glue and foreign matter on the surface of the mould, clean it up and evenly spray the antirust agent, and fill in the relevant records accurately.

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