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Corporate mission: continue to create value for customers and maximize the win-win development of enterprises, customers and employees

Enterprise values: scientific, pragmatic, innovative and progressive.

Employees are the most precious asset of Shike precision. We respect and trust every employee.

Customers are the foundation of Shike precision's survival and development. We regard customers as God and continue to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Quality and service first, strive for perfection in everything, and integrity is the core of Shike's precise code of conduct.

LTP: focus on the challenges and pressures concerned by customers, provide competitive mold solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers.

LTP: wise, bold and dynamic. My heart flies

Quality control system

1.First article inspection after startupCarry out full-scale inspection and appearance inspection according to the drawings and matching standards.

2. Full appearance inspection Carry out full dimensional and appearance inspection according to appearance inspection standard.

3. KT Kanban shall be posted in the inspection room, indicating key concerns and relevant picture descriptions.

4. Conduct regular training and skill assessment for inspectors to ensure compliance with customer requirements.

5. Appearance inspection, packaging and shipment.

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